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Todd Nief's Show

Sep 27, 2021

Paul Bearer is the vocalist for one of the most influential and underrated New York Hardcore bands of all time: Sheer Terror. Sheer Terror came out of the very strange New York Hardcore scene of the 80s — before the music became codified into the metallic, bouncy mosh parts we think of as NYHC today. While Sheer Terror is certainly no stranger to blending metal and punk, their sound is much more Tom G. Warrior plus Oi! rather than syncopated, single-string riffs. Nothing against bouncy mosh parts, but Sheer Terror is much more my cup of tea, personally.

Paul and I talk not only about the weird world of punk and hardcore in New York in the 80s, but also about Paul’s cooking and his aggressive and comical pet Russian tortoises.

Learn more from Paul and Sheer Terror here:

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Show Notes:

  • [02:36] Paul’s DJing and the dangers of developing a habit collecting Northern Soul records
  • [13:36] How to get into Northern Soul. And, artists finding out they’re unexpectedly famous.
  • [27:20] The difficulty of being creative during the pandemic. And, Paul burned all his old, unused lyrics notebooks.
  • [37:42] Paul’s specialty dishes
  • [43:51] Obsessive music collecting and getting into punk. Plus a meditation on aging and hard living.
  • [56:19] Paul’s thoughts on fitness (Don’t miss this…)
  • [58:50] New York was a weird place during the 80s and New York Hardcore was a weird scene. Plus, the violent, sketchy world of skinheads and the evolution of anti-establishment politics.
  • [1:15:51] New Sheer Terror music and how to buy Sheer Terror socks

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